La Massoneria Ramonica e i Suoi Adepti Vol​.​1

by AA.VV.

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limited to 150 copies

The La Massoneria Ramonica
1. Ramones Saved My Life
2. Marky Ramone IceCream
3. Rubik's cube

Drawing Dead
4. Only A Lie
5. Sarah Smile
6. Feel Alright

The Thirtysevens
7. Agent 13 Is Dead
8. Two Times Table
9. Time Travel Equation

Agent Pazz
10. Friendzoned Again
11. Hurricane Jane
12. Falling Into Disgrace




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Track Name: The La Massoneria Ramonica - Ramones Saved My Life!
I used to be
a sad sad kid
heroin and beer
acting like Sid

then I heard
a radio
Dee Dee,Joey and Johnny
Hey ho let's go!

life never seemed to smile at me
music sucked and I wanted to die
Leave Home,Rocket to Russia and The Ramones
just saved my life
Track Name: The La Massoneria Ramonica - Marky Ramone IceCream
son's comin'out,having fun
beach party having none
there's no punk rock here in Italy

stay at home,it's too hot
no more food,no more pot
getting drunk all day sounds good to me

but when it gets too hot
I just need a little shot
of something cold and dense,can't you see?

so gimme gimme gimme your ice cream
gimme gimme gimme your ice cream
gimme gimme gimme your ice cream
like Marky Marky Marky Ramone
Track Name: The La Massoneria Ramonica - Rubik's Cube
love me,kiss me
hate me,punch me
blow my brain,so insane
your love depends on medication

treat you good
treat you bad
only girl I ever had
fifteen quintillion combinations

red,white and blue
you confuse me baby
my rubik's cube
Track Name: Drawing Dead - Only A Lie
now that you're gone you never can tell
now that you're gone i've really found myself
now that you're gone i'm feeling fine
now that you're gone and everything will turn alright
now that you're gone

now that you're gone i stop to fight
now that you're gone no i don't lose my smile
now that you're gone i'm all alone
but i'm still singing stupid songs
now that you're gone

now that you're gone i've got the power of remote control
more comfortable on my bed and larger on my couch
but it's only a lie!
Track Name: Drawing Dead - Feel Alright
i've got a stick in my hands
i've got the puck in my sights
i feel the blades on the ice
i feel the ice in my heart
i feel alright

you can't stop me
you can't stop me now
i feel alright
Track Name: The Thirtysevens - Agent 13 Is Dead
Legendary agent 13 has been called
one more time to save the day
no tough mission, no impossible target,
he's got, she's got, he's got always a plan
...but not this time..oh no..
Track Name: The Thirtysevens - Two Times Table
No more jokes or foolery
no more easy understanding
in your gaze and finery
there is something steady and disgusting

two times table = I rather cut my wrist than talk to you
Track Name: The Thirtysevens - Time Travel Equation
I got to get stuck on it, I gotta get a clue
I've gotta work this equation out
I'm fixin' all the problems and facing all the troubles
'cause I want to see you one more time

my time ain't totally wasted
if I can find my way out
I'm going back just to chase 'ya
I'm gonna travel in time
Track Name: Agent Pazz - Friendzoned Again
when you go out for a date and you feel like everything is perfect
and she’s not coming to your place and she says “well, next time maybe!”
but she looks so fine and she looks so cool
you think you’ve found the one for you
but you’ve been friendzoned again and that’s not cool
and then she turned a cheek when you went for the kiss you felt blasted
and you threw up all the beer on the skirt and said “I’m sorry baby”
but she looks so fine and she looks so cool
you think you’ve found the one for you
but you’ve been friendzoned again and that’s so cruel
Track Name: Agent Pazz - Hurricane Jane
if you look into her eyes you'll see the bottom of her skull
and she keeps on telling lies because she knows that you’re a jerk
and she’s making eyes at every single guy down at the show
then she calls you late at night and just starts yelling on the phone
‘cause she’s a hurricane just blowing all your friends and you fuck up again
and she keeps on talking shit and you would slit her vocal cord
and you’re having dreams of seeing her rotten body in the morgue
and you wonder why the hell she’s always being such a whore
just like she’s having the curse every damn single day of the month
frustrated your hatred has grown more since you dated
your felling degraded you have to be sedated now oh yeah
‘cause she’s a hurricane just blowing all your friends and you fuck up again
Track Name: Agent Pazz - Falling Into Disgrace
I'm falling into disgrace.
I've run out of good wishes
I'm feeling like i'm wasting off my days.
And everyday is the same
The time has flown from my hands
I'm getting older running out of luck.
And now i lay in bed emotionless
Full of regret for what
i did in the past
But now it's time to move on.
Because we're all growing up
It's not the time for show downs
But i feel like i'm stuck in trap.
I'm falling into disgrace
And i'm losing all the pieces
I can't believe a word you're telling me
The crown has fallen from my head
The king you knew now is half dead
And no one else will never break my heart